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Electronic kits

Xylophone/organ Kit (£2.50)         Steady Hand Game (£0.99p-£1.49)      Lamp Kit (£2.30)         Bluetooth Stero Amplifier, Finger Maze Buzzer game kit, Bike Light kit.

E-Textiles Kits
Sewable Led Kit (£2.30) Pencil case holder (£2.50) Battery Holder with Switch Kit (£2.65) E Textiles butterfly Kit (£2.50)
Possytronics do not add switches to seperate circuit boards, so the teacher pays double.
What is E-Textiles ? 
E Textiles refers to the use of electronics in textiles to add functional or  flashing decorative effects to produce textile projects with the wow factor. No soldering or electronics skills needed If you can stitch a line (running stitch) and tie a knot, you too can produce some amazing flashing crafts.
 No electronic skills needed as no soldering is involved. The only skills a student needs is to sew a line of thread and tie a knot. Using Possytronics kits are a great way of engaging boys within textiles

You can not get electrocuted, they do not produce heat and there is no fire risk.

Now if you want the lights to turn on and off with movement using a tilt switch or a slide switch, these switches are included on the battery board, thus making the project easier and reducing the cost considerably

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