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Conductive Thread - E Textiles

 Conductive Thread - E Textiles
Product Code: SA10
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Price: £2.40

Conductive thread is ideal for wearable technology craft projects, as it can be used like conventional sewing thread, however it electrically conducts allowing electronics to be integrated into textiles in place of wires.

If conductive thread breaks simply tie the two ends together and it still works perfectly.

  • This highly conductive thread is ideal for introducing electronics into textile projects. The thread looks and behaves like conventional sewing thread with the added bonus of being highly conductive.
  • Thread has a resistance of approximately 0.4Ω/cm, or 12Ω/foot
  • Resistance does not vary significantly from one length of thread to the next as some are reported to do, so you should be able to use this thread without concern for "dead" sections
  • The thread has a breaking strain of around 4.2kg (9.3 pounds)
  • It comprises roughly 96 individual filaments, each coated with a micron-thick layer of natural pure silver. 16 of these filaments are wound together to form an initial twist; two of these twists are then twisted together, and finally three of these twists are combined
  • In thread terms, thickness is approximately 18 denier
  • This thread does not fray: there are no loose ends of filaments except where they have been cut
  • Spool contains approx. 6 metres

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