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 A Lamp kit (4 X Bright White LEDs)
Lamp Kit (includes batteries)            ..
A Bike Light Kit
Bike light kit  Self assembly bike light kit using a 555 timer with a varaiable resistor(poten..
A Finger Maze & Steady Hand Game kit
Two Projects in one inexpensive kit. The finger maze/steady hand game kit (not assembled, solderin..
A Steady Hand Game kit
Steady Hand Game Kit  This inexpensive Steady hand game kit (not assembled, soldering skills a..
A Steady Hand Game( full kit)
Steady Hand Game Kit  MDF model for display purposes.Kit contents shown below. This inexpensi..
A Vibration Speaker Kit
Eventually an amazing technology that turns almost anything into a speaker. Mobile music generally ..
A Volume Controlled Amplifier (Mono)
This stereo audio amplifier kit can be used with any personal stereo equipment when connected to the..
A Xylophone kit
xylophone/Organ kit  (basic soldering skills needed to produce Organ/Xylophone) A kit bas..
Amplifier Board (Bluetooth stereo Amplifier)
2 x 8 Watt Class D Bluetooth Amplifier Board This is a 2 x 8W audio amplifier board with Bluetooth ..
Amplifier Full Kit (Bluetooth stereo Amplifier)
8 Watt Class D Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier Board 2 X 10 Watt Mylar Speakers (Square) 9V Switched Ho..

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