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A Finger Maze & Steady Hand Game kit

A Finger Maze & Steady Hand Game kit
A Finger Maze & Steady Hand Game kit A Finger Maze & Steady Hand Game kit A Finger Maze & Steady Hand Game kit
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Two Projects in one inexpensive kit.

The finger maze/steady hand game kit (not assembled, soldering skills are required) is an excellent introduction into electronics, the kit is designed to make electronics fun by allowing the student to learn how different materials are conductive including ourselves. The student can then decide which exciting project they would like to complete - Finger Maze Game or Steady Hand Game.

How it works:

The kit uses a 2N7000 N Channel mosfet that detects the change in resistance, which makes it ideal for low power switching: example turning on LEDs and small motors.


Here at Possytronics we like to introduce new and exciting projects for the eager mind and a touch sensitive light just wasn’t good enough for us, after a lot of brainstorming we decided it would be brilliant if the students could learn about the conductivity of various materials whilst having fun and then produce a steady hand game using the same assembled kit.

The finger maze kit allows the student to design and draw a maze using various conductive materials example: Graphite pencils or crayons, conductive ink/paint, copper tape or even conductive thread, then by placing the circuit on the maze and using their index finger to try and complete the maze without setting off the buzzer.

The Steady hand game uses the terminal block located on the side of the PCB to connect the loop and wire. 

Warning: Choking Hazard - Batteries and small components are extremely dangerous if swallowed.

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