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Steady Hand Game Class Pack (40 Kits)

Steady Hand Game Class Pack (40 Kits)
Steady Hand Game Class Pack (40 Kits) Steady Hand Game Class Pack (40 Kits)
Product Code: SE12
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Price: £45.00

Steady Hand Game Kit 

MDF model for display purposes.Kit contents shown below.

This inexpensive Steady hand game kit (not assembled, soldering skills are required) is an excellent introduction into electronics, the kit is designed to make electronics fun by allowing the student to learn how simple circuits can be alot of fun.

How it works:

The steady hand buzzer kit has a buzzer that sounds momentarily when the loop makes contact with the wire. Terminal blocks are used to connect game loop and wire such that when the loop momentarily touches the wire the buzzer sounds.

The Steady hand game uses the terminal block located on the side of the PCB to connect the loop and wire. 

9V battery are not supplied

 Kit Contents:

40 x PP3 clip lead

40 x 100 ohm resistors

40x 5volt Buzzer,

40 xTerminal Block,

1 x Spool of 500g Tinned copper wire

Multi-core wire,

40 x Steady Hand PCB

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